Mixed Media Artist

Lover, dreamer, believer of magic

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I am a lover, a dreamer, 
and a believer of magic. 
I bought the copyrights on the fantasy 
of living happily ever after 
despite the efforts by those of the real world 
to protect me from myself. 
I have taken every chance I have had 
to learn to pay attention and to wonder. 
Perhaps the wondering was simply, 
“Wonder why I do this…” or 
“Wonder when lunch is…” 
but mostly it has been 
taking a big bite of the juiciness 
and letting it dribble down my chin 
kind of wondering. 
I laugh longer, 
cry louder, 
and dream deeper 
than ever before in my life 
and I wouldn’t exchange a bit of the pain 
for a day inside the lines.


Rhea has been such an asset to our store and is absolutely amazing to work with.  She is extremely creative, flexible, reliable and a team player.  Rhea always completes her work by any deadline that is set but is also willing to take whatever time necessary to work with anyone that needs assistance or training.

Allison Golinvaux
Associate Store Team Leader
Whole Foods Market

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