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Rhea is a motivated and energetic team member with a passion for her work. She is an effective trainer and mentor, able to transfer skills both in-person and through the creation of training documents. She has been able to help educate new trainees on the most important skills critical to their role by distilling knowledge and communicating clearly. Within the retail environment, Rhea is an effective visual merchandiser with a strong sense of how to create art for display within a retail store, to achieve the overall goal of increasing sales.

Kate Lawroski, Creative Director for Whole Foods Market Midwest Region

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Rhea is an amazingly talented woman that takes her work and career very seriously. When it comes to small projects or major builds, Rhea always has a positive attitude throughout and manages her time well to ensure she is meeting all deadlines.

Rhea also always tries to find a way to say yes. There is nothing that we have asked her to do that was met with any resistance. She will be truly missed!

 Max Verhey Associate Store Team Leader Whole Foods Market


What sets Rhea apart from other Store Graphic Artists I have worked with is her ability to understand the needs and scope of a promotion. She is always one step ahead of me planning ahead and brainstorming; anticipating the needs of my team and others.
She is never afraid to go big and created numerous large scale and truly stunning pieces for holidays, charity drives, and promotions and balances her time effectively so that no smaller projects are overlooked and everything is ready on time. What makes this possible is her stellar organizational skills and efficiency.
She also has a talent for seeing the bigger picture and advocating for what tools and supplies she needs to take her art to the next level, always able to illustrate how money spent will pay off in added sales, and reusing pieces of past projects as well as product packaging, pallets, and cardboard in her art to reduce costs and illustrate Whole Foods Market’s commitment to the environment.

Julie Adams Whole Foods Market Grocery Team Leader